Join the 2019 Southeast Asian Gamesand get lost in emotions and excitement

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Represent your country at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games with custom sports apparel and fan gear from Matchup City.

Matchup City is the leader in fan merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, onesies, and more. Our sports shirts are often seen on the big screen because they stand out from the boring sports gear that other fans choose to wear. From our countries shirts to our fan sports apparel, we have no shortage of creative sports gear for your favorite team. If you’re looking for the perfect shirt for the big game, choose Matchup City!

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Sports Event concierge services we offer

We arrange and coordinate transportation, accommodations, hosting, and concierge services to the most famous sports events in the world. We coordinate the creation of the ultimate event for clients desiring a “once in a lifetime” travel or tour event.
Leave all the Details to Us
We provide all levels of services based on the client’s preferences. All details for cruise booking, transportation, ticketing, and hotel accommodations are provided at time of purchase. We also furnish a full range of assistance at the event itself, including hosting and concierge to ensure the tickets are accurate and that all transportation and transfer details are carried out as ticketed and planned.
The Process Itself
Your individualized travel planning begins once you contact us by e-mail. The initial contact should include the name of the event, the number of clients involved (such as an individual, organization, club, or business), and the general class of ticketing and accommodations (such as front row seats, Luxury, or private residence.) If you require transportation to the event, include seating preferences.The more detail in the initial contact, the better, for we will know which of the specialized agencies would then be the best fit for your needs. In most cases, the initial inquiry will receive a response back from us within a few days to a week, depending on the event, the availability of tickets and accommodations, and the timing of the request. We will work with you to find the package that best suits your needs and provides you with a “trip-of-a-lifetime” vacation.

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Can your team stand the heat?

Matchup City is a boutique sport lifestyle company specializing in sport and adventure travel around the globe. As a full-service travel agency we can meet all your sport travel needs and make it easy for you to participate as an athlete or spectator


Arranging travel and destination experiences for fans through social blocks and local event attractions is not easy for most. But it’s what Matchup City does daily. We focus on getting Fans to their destination so they can focus on the game. We offer a seamless process for fans,and family by giving them access to apparel, merchandise, discounted hotel accommodations, transportation and local attractions.


We are here to negotiate and manage your hotel, air and ground transportation in the destination regardless of the size of the event. We ensure that your booking process is seamless, enjoyable and saves time and money.


Outside of assisting teams with their hotel and lodging accommodations, our Concierge’s assist with anything Teams or Travel Fans may need before, during or after the tournament from transportation requests (team vans or car rentals), to team meals and fun youth and family excursions. We offer discounted rates and packages to major attractions, shows and dining experiences in the Tournament Destination and our concierges are available on site during the Tournaments to offer complimentary assistance with team meals, reservations and Tournament destination questions.

For sports fans, by sports fans...

We love sports, and share that enthusiasm with every booking we make for our clients. Wherever in the world you are travelling to, we look forward to taking care of your arrangements.

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